How Can You Give?

online giving 1


Whether you missed a Sunday or just feel led to give, you can securely submit your tithe/offering online. Our giving tool allows you to use your debit/check card or credit card. Your information is completely safe and confidential. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please scroll to the bottom under "Make a One Time Donation".

Press the "Give Now to Oak Park Church of God" and follow the instructions given. Thanks so much for your contribution to our church!



You can now Text-2-Give! Text "(Amount you want given) + (Where you want it to go)" to the number 251-281-0313. You can give to general, tithes, offerings, or missions. For example, text "$100 tithes." The first time you text, you will receive a link and it will direct you to a page where you can fill out your information. Once you do it once, you will no longer have to do it again. After that, you will simply just text your amount given and where.