In 1956, a tent revival was held in Tillmans Corner, Alabama which lead to the establishment of Oak Park Church.

Throughout the years, the church grew rather quickly resulting in having to relocate several times and lead to the purchasing of the Sollie Road property, we call home today.

In 2016, we welcomed new pastors David and Kim Smith.


Over the last six years , our  congregation has grown  in  many ways:

 Lives have been changed, souls have been won, hearts have been healed, marriages have been restored, and people have been baptized by water and in the Holy Ghost.

Our facility has also gone though major changes by being almost entirely remodeled and renovated.   


It is our heart, that what is happening at Oak Park Church currently doesn't stop with us but is passed down to the generations to come.

It is our vision to help the next generation rise up to the place of their calling and anointing, so that their children and your children's children can experience this unfathomable move of God.